Sandy Hook, Pulse, Las Vegas, and now Parkland.

We’ve seen what happens when high powered guns get in the hands of unstable people. High powered assault rifles and modifications like the bump stock and high-capacity magazines should not be sold to just anyone who wants one.

People who have been justly convicted of a violent crime should not be allowed to buy any type of firearm, nor should anyone who has been deemed by a court to be incompetent.  

Dr. Olysha will fight to pass bills that will protect our loved ones, schools, and communities.

She will:

  1. Close the loopholes that exist in our state and ensure universal, comprehensive background checks.
  2. Raise the age to buy any firearm or ammunition from 18 to 21.
  3. Keep weapons out of our schools.


Human Trafficking     Healthy Neighborhoods and Climate     Excellent Education. Safe Schools.

Common Sense Gun Safety     Government FOR the People