As a mom, the daughter of teachers, and a former public school teacher herself,

Dr. Olysha understands better than anyone what works and what doesn’t in our schools.


Dr. Olysha will protect our children.

She will prepare EVERY child with an equitable opportunity to succeed.

She will fight for our local government to provide EVERY resident with an excellent – and free – education from pre-K to college.




Teachers are the backbone of our schools and our children’s futures. 

Florida ranks 43rd in the nation in teacher pay. Poor teacher pay creates a teacher shortage. This deprives our counties from being able to attract and retain the best teachers for our children and grandchildren.

We risk losing truly dedicated teachers because our local government does not value education.

Dr. Olysha will:

  • Fight to provide teachers a well-deserved raise.
  • Fight to provide teachers a fair salary so they can support themselves and their families.

Students should be protected – not exploited.

Education leads to opportunities. Dr. Olysha knows how important education is in promoting the success of EVERY child. She will fight to provide EVERY student with an excellent education. She will make sure every public school in Alachua, Marion, and Putnam county is fully funded so teachers can teach and students can learn.

Dr. Olysha will:


Preparing Floridians for the economy of tomorrow.

Jobs in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are growing quicker than ever.

  • Dr. Olysha will fight to keep Tallahassee from stripping science out of our school curriculum.
  • She will provide our adult learners and work-ready residents with the training they need to get better and more fulfilling jobs.
  • Dr. Olysha will fight for free education for everyone, from pre-K to college.











Human Trafficking     Healthy Neighborhoods and Climate     Excellent Education. Safe Schools.

Common Sense Gun Safety     Government FOR the People.