I will work to strengthen neighborhood public schools instead of ripping away funding from them and channeling it to for-profit charter schools. School reform is possible when we invest in our teachers, schools, and students.

As an experienced educator, both in the classroom and in the field, I will fight for our teachers and students.

I promise to:

  • Fight Tallahassee’s efforts to prevent science-based curriculum from being taught.
  • Ensure that our teachers and students have access to research-based, empirical data and curricula that are vetted in the field.
  • Fight high stakes testing so that students are given every opportunity to succeed as unique individuals.
  • Fight to make sure that money is not channeled to unregulated, for-profit charter schools as in the recent Tallahassee bill HB 7069.
  • Work to increase teacher pay. Florida teachers are paid $9000 less than the national average teacher pay. I will work to increase the base salary of teachers so they are compensated like the professionals they are.

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