Protecting Our Climate

Alachua County, Marion County, and Putnam County are beautiful.

Many of us enjoy being outside working in the garden, fixing cars, going to the beach, and fishing.

However, the Sabal Trail pipelines and climate changes are threatening our way of life and health. The pipelines are dirty and dangerous. They will pollute the water we drink and air we breathe. They will kill our fish, vegetation, and trees.

Dr. Olysha will:

Pipeline dumping chemicals and waste into our water

  • Protect our climate, tourist economy, and health against all efforts to frack on Florida’s precious land.
  • Protect our lands, crops, and parks from being exploited for Tallahassee profit.
  • Provide every resident of Alachua, Marion, and Putnam counties with clean water to drink and bathe in.
  • Prepare our children for success in Climate and Ecology, Environmental Science, and Environmental Justice careers.
Healthy Neighborhoods

Not having clean air and water is a threat to all of our zip codes. However, there is an even greater threat to the homes and communities in rural areas or with lower incomes.

Communities, where residents live paycheck to paycheck or rely on Social Security, are more likely to have industrial plants and waste disposal sites. These residents do not have anyone to fight for them when local politics give construction permits to wealthy companies to build these dangerous sites.

These sites are shown to cause cancer, asthma, vision problems, liver disease, and other diseases.

Dr. Olysha will:

  • Protect EVERY resident against invisible air pollution and the harmful gasses associated with cancer and other diseases.
  • Protect our agriculture, beaches, and community water systems from waste and chemical dumping.

Rural and lower income areas are at higher risk for not having healthy food to eat.

Dr. Olysha will:

  • Provide our elderly, low income, and rural neighbors with easy access to healthy and affordable food.
  • Protect our communities by pushing the policies, programs, and funding to improve healthy food access in EVERY zip code.


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