We need a local government that protects, prepares, and provides for EVERYONE – not just the wealthy.

Dr. Olysha will always fight to protect the under-served, the vulnerable, and the discriminated against.

Very few politicians are courageous enough to speak against the blatant and shameless acts of systemic racism, sexism, and bigotry affecting our communities and country.

Dr. Olysha is different.

She refuses to accept money from people and groups with agendas that will discriminate against gender, race, sexual orientation, national status, veteran status, or disability.

She is committed to changing the laws that benefit only local government and sacrifice the needs of the people.

As your State Senator,

  • Dr. Olysha will fight to protect EVERY resident against laws that are oppressive or limit a person’s rights.
  • She supports legalization of marijuana and the reparations owed to those incarcerated for marijuana possession.
  • She has been an advocate of Say Yes for Second Chances and will support any amendment or legislation that helps to restore the right to vote for those disenfranchised.
  • She will protect those businesses and business owners who are historically denied contracts or systemically prevented from being successful.
  • She will provide for EVERY person to have an equal opportunity to succeed and enjoy life.
  • She will provide for EVERY neighborhood, EVERY community, and EVERY group of persons to be healthy, happy, and protected by our local government.


Human Trafficking     Healthy Neighborhoods and Climate     Excellent Education. Safe Schools.

Common Sense Gun Safety     Government FOR the People