Florida ranks #3 in the country for human trafficking*.

In 2016, at least 329 of our Florida children and adults were sold, exploited, or forced into sex trafficking and/or labor trafficking. And this number continues to increase.

Every neighborhood in the United States is vulnerable to human trafficking – regardless of age, gender, race, or income level. Agriculture workers, domestic violence victims, foreign-born persons, and persons in poverty are especially vulnerable to becoming victims.

We need to fight for the victims of human trafficking not only in District 8, but in all of Florida.

Dr. Olysha will help protect the vulnerable who can not protect themselves.

  • She will fight for changes in the local laws and loopholes that don’t keep women and children safe.
  • She will provide every victim with culturally-sensitive and competent services and support.
  • She will fight to provide our communities, schools, law enforcement, and service agencies with the training needed to recognize and end human trafficking.



*National Human Trafficking Hotline; published 09/13/2017

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